Sunday, January 18, 2015

PJ day extended

There was no storm yesterday but first it was drizzling and then pouring rain all day long, perfect for my PJ day. As it is no different today, I will continue doing leizurely work in my PJs until lunch time. These are yesterdays´ results for the mystery quilt "Surprise Box".

We have 5 different squares so far, any guesses? One more square to go (in February) and then in March the mystery should be unraveled. A long time to wait......

In the meantime I´m working on my Valentines Day Quilt, yesterday I cut the squares (fabric is from Makower, Essentials collection - I bought the fabrics last year at the Sew North Quilters´Gatherin in Inishown, Ireland). Today I will sew them together and cut the squares with curves. To be continued......

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