Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stripes on the horizon....

...finished!! One quilt that´s been a Sewalong with "Quilt with Christa" and one quilt that I started "a couple of years ago", but never got around to finishing it. The hand quilting took quite some time because I only did that Sunday afternoons at my Mums´ place, so...... 

But I´m very happy about both of them, the Baby-Quilt very colorful and machine quilted, the other one in blue-white-grey stripes, hand-quilted.



Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kremstaler Quiltfest

We were at the "Kremstaler Quiltfest" yesterday at Stift Schlierbach - an exhibition of about 600 (!) quilts, traditional and modern, all simply beautiful.This exhibition has been very organized and had tons of lovely people meeting there. I hope you got there, too and did not miss it!

Stift Schlierbach
Schattenspiel 1 + 2, von Gisela Hauptmann
Für dich, von Cordula Ruprecht

Für mich, von Cordula Ruprecht

Hexagon natur von Margit Zedrosser

Auszeit, von Luise Radner
Shadow Quilt, von Petra Mittermayr
Round Robin, von Gerda Jank

Wahnsinns-Seeleute-Kompass, von Cilli Kaltenbrunner

Blockhaus Quilt, von Doris Arnold

Anno 1900, von Barbara Demberger

Medaillon 2, von Gudrun Huemer

La Ciudad, von Fritz Huemer
La Ciudad, von Fritzi Huemer
Jahresprojekt 2015, von Fritzi Kriegner

Sudoko, Gemeinschaftsquilt

Ich-Quilt, Rosa Schopf

Jaipur, Christine Piesch

Mikado, von Barbara Demberger
Siebdruck, von Doris Arnold
Sturmi, von Ulrike E. Barth
The Miracle of Color, von Christine Piesch
Glaubensfeuer, von Gisela Hausmann
Kirchenfenster von Trier, von Marianne Auszerwöger
Rosenfenster, von Fritzi Kriegner
Kisterquilt, von Gisela Hausmann
Inchies Vorhang

Inchies Vorhang
Türen, von Gudrun Huemer
Türen, von Gudrun Huemer