Sunday, February 8, 2015

Scraps here, scraps there....

scraps seem to be everywhere! And as I need an orderly place to work for myself the scrap boxes seemed to bother me because they were popping up in every corner of my working space. Reading about the many scraps projects I took stock of mine and started to work on it. That it would take a couple of more hours than expected didn´t bother me at all, because now everything is in a very tidy order, new (scrap)projects being planned and everything is now very easy to find.

I had two big boxes full of fabric scraps, some small, some big. I cut them into the following categories: 5x5 cm squares, 10x10 cm squares, 4 cm stripes, 6 cm stripes, fabric patches bigger than 15x15 cm and heavier fabrics than can only be used for accessoires (most of them from fabric swatches for upholstering).

The weather being again very bad it was the perfect thing to do and I am very happy about the result - although, it will probably take another year of scrap cutting until I have enough to make a quilt of it. But I will also try the use them in between on other projects, for appliqueing e.g., we´ll see.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

small blog meet

I´ve linked up to Small Blog Meet on Lily´s Quilts blog - a fantastic idea for bloggers yet unknown (such as me) and to see more unknown blogs, link up to them, visit them. Thanks for that, Lily!!

And I finally updated my pages, added one called baby quilts - which I love to do. But after three baby quilts in a row I will be off to bigger ones this weekend - I´ll keep you up to date!