Sunday, September 27, 2015

Recollections of an arts and crafts fair

Huuuh, it´s over but I´m still thinking about it: even with all my nervousness, cold weather and wind it´s been a great experience. I presented my quilts for the first time to the public and one which is not as familiar with quilts or patchwork as in America, England etc. 

I sold one of my dearest and most favourite quilts and hope that it will be as dear to the new owner as it´s been to me. Parting with a quilt that you have spent a lot of time making, pouring in so many good vibes and feelings is not easy. If someone told me that before I would not have believed it up front. But now I know.

The most rewarding thing for the day were all the compliments that we got from the people walking by, seeing, touching and feeling the quilts. Some were really amazed about the quilts, some made compliments that made me smile and grin for hours (I still do that when I recollect that day).

All in all it was a great day with my Mum, we met new friends and I got an invitation to take part at a Christmas fair in December. For that I am now going to spend a lot of time preparing, sewing, quilting. 

But a lot of time will also go into another project that I will post more in the coming weeks. 

Here´s my Mum

 My Mum and me, freezing but having fun!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kunsthandwerksmarkt Leoben

Every day is filled with last minute works for the upcoming Kunsthandwerksmarkt in Leoben (craft fair).
For me it´s the first time to have a booth (white tent 3x3 metres) and to sell my crafts to the public. So I am pretty nervous about it as quilts and patchwork are not a very known craft here, really.
I know there are hundreds of talented quilters and textile artists and many small quilt guilds in Austria but when you ask people around you (like at your working place, people in public) there are not a lot that know this craft.
That´s why I am working on a few decorative things to explain quilts and patchwork, the cutting, sewing, quilting and fun about it.
But I am also really looking forward to this fair and to have fun at showing people my quilts and patchwork things.
Maybe I will see you there this Friday?

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Long-arm quilted hexagons and "Where is Hugo"?

After making a huge hexagon quilt for a customer I had hundreds of scraps (mostly shirt fabrics) and thought "well, why not make another big one?" But for this one I took my time, almost 2 years. Whenever I was travelling I took a box full of hexies with me and during 2 winters I sewed them in the morning at home because with time it became so big (165 x 215 cm) that I could not sew on it anywhere else. 

But to hand-quilt it I did not have the time so I sent it together with the Autumn Leaves quilt to Jana in Prague the get them longarm-quilted. This week I got them back - see for yourself, I am very happy with them!

You´re probably wondering about the "Where is Hugo" in the post-title, well I have one hexagon in the quilt showing Hugo, can you find him?

I did not want the quilt very densely quilted so I am more than happy with the big flowers that Jana did. The dark grey fabric on the edge and the flower-surrounding hexies is shimmering slightly (which doesn´t show very good in the pictures) and I love that contrast to the cotton fabrics.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last time by the lake

Last weekend has probably been the last time by the lake this year (or maybe not?) but as always it is so relaxing and enjoyable to spend a day at either Lake Turner or Lake Kraubath - they are both beautiful, clear, blue-green water and without masses of people, rather the opposite.
All that makes hand-sewing a heavenly delight!
Lake Turner in Carinthia:

My mum.....
View over the lake - it is quite big and I only swam through once.... but that was a long time ago.....

Lake Kraubath in Styria: not as big as Lake Turner and also quite colder.