Thursday, April 30, 2015

Busy weeks have passed.....

... and I have accomplished sooo much! After my 3-day-trip to Prague (where I visited the Patchworkmeeting) I was so inspired and creatively stimulated that I started right away with a quilt that I had wanted to make since I had that book.

I wrote about  previously, A Quilters Mixology by Angela Pingel - I  love those curves, waves and patterns. But never dared to make it because I haven´t done any curve sewing yet. At QuiltCon in Austin I bought a ruler with Convex and Concave curves so I finally had no excuse not to try!

I love the Medallion Baby Quilt in Angelas´book so that´s the one I chose. There were several things that I had to try out first: pinning the curves completely before sewing but that was too much effort and didn´t turn out well. So I tried with three pins only (the same bad result), in the end I did it without any pins at all and...... it turned out great! I watched a video on Youtube a couple of months ago where a lady did the curve sewing without any pins and to be true, it really was the best way for me, too.

That´s the Medallion Baby Quilt from Angela Pingels´ book.

And here´s my version:

Sunlight streaming across my sewing table
I love to hand-quilt....


As the babys´name is Sinah I think the Love Ring pattern is perfect with its´ oriental curves and waves.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pattern testing for Ellis & Higgs

I was really thrilled when I received an e-mail from Nadra Ridgeway (go check out her blog, Ellis & Higgs) that I can do the SUGAR CANDIES Mini quilt as a pattern testing. So I dove into my scrap box and got all sweet colored fabrics out. I mixed them with a bright green and a soothing grey fabric.

It was a joy to sew the pattern, easy to ready, the images very detailed and clear. And as already mentioned a couple of times: I love chain sewing!!

I have finished this Sugar Candies MINI but until the pattern is released by Nadra you just have to wait a little bit to see it. But I promise: it is super-sweet!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring is in the air.....

....and I can´t wait to get outside.... really?!? With this light in my sewing room I´d rather stay there und sew and sew and sew!! Finish UFOs, start new projects, everything seems to run more easily as if spring is speeding up my work flow!
Yesterday I finished the baby quilt for EMILIA. The pattern I got from the MOD BLOCK book from the Missouri Star Quilt Company which we had in the goody bag at QuiltCon in Austin.

It´s the Double Friendship Star pattern, it was very easy to sew and a delight to handquilt.