my cushions

Pillow for Alina, 40x40cm, jeans, cotton, hand-quilted, yo-yo´s and buttons


Pillow for Theresa, 40x40cm, jeans, cotton, FFP (foundation paper piecing)


Pillow for Lena, 40x50cm, jeans, cotton, zigzag appliqué

Pillow for Anna, 45x55cm, jeans, cotton, chevron pattern and stamped ink


Pillow for Antonia, 40x50 cm, jeans, cotton and canvas

Christmas Tree at Night
cushion, 45x54 cm, blue cotton, dark grey loden, jeans at the back, zipper, all recycled material

I made the cushions as presents for my friends - for me it was experimenting with fabric, style, design.

As you can see I love to work with Jeans - I started collecting Jeans from my friends and family and have now a huge depot of Jeans, waiting to be cut up and sewed into something new.

One of my quilt guild friends (she is a very talented and creative artist) made this out of Jeans and appliqued one of my mug rugs, calling it "Upcycled" - I think it´s fantastic !

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  1. Hi Petra,

    love your stuff ;)

    Cheers Agnes