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Hi, I´m Petra and I love to sew and quilt ! Only 7 years ago I came across the many quilt blogs and Modern Quilt Guilds and with that I got totally hooked! Since then I spend every free minute to read and sew, to patch and quilt and to travel to shows and exhibitions, to courses with our guild and to fairs, looking for fabrics, which I am totally addicted to. 

Also 6 years ago I became a member of "Quiltirol" which is one of the best things to have done. In my guild I received a warm welcome from all the members, I learned so much about sewing, quilting, patchworking and being creative. The willingness to share information astonished me a lot, because from my job experience this was something very new to me.

And believe me, only those 6 years ago did I come across other quilters blogs´, modern quilt guild etc. on the internet. From then on I spent hours and hours reading them, enjoying them and savouring them (my TV got neglected for days and weeks). I agree with so many things being said in those blogs, sometimes I often have the feeling "hey, those ladies think exactly the same thing as I do, they share the same opinion as I do, like and dislike as I do". 

And I want to be part of such a community, liking and sharing, telling and inspiring, sewing and quilting as others do. But I am also aware of the fact that not everyone will like what I do, but that´s life.

I would love the hear your comments about my posts and works and will start commenting and sharing as well as I have only been a mute reader, until now! 

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