Friday, April 7, 2017

Patchworkmeeting in Prague 2017

It´s been a fantastic exhibition full of joyful people, extraordinary quilts and works and some very tempting fabric sellers - I´ll keep text-short and let the pictures speak for themselves. And if YOU should be tempted - I´ll be there next year again, want to join me?

A group from South Korea showed their quilts - all very different but all simply amazing:

Ahn Gyesoon_Luminarie festival

An Songeun_Piece of Korean folk paiting_Eom Jaeyoung_2017 works 1

Choi Eunyoung_Stone wall

Han Hyekyoung_The Sky

Jang Mikyeong_Peony

Kim Hyesook_Discovery of Landscape detail

Kim Hyesook_Discovery of Landscape

Shin Hyeonjoo_Miin-Do_Beautiful Lady
The Beautiful Lady is my favourite and I know that I have almost the exact same blue fabric at home....... keeps me thinking what to do with it!

Song Jaeran_Spring

Yang Jingook_I am always behind you

There were also a lot of different artists from all over the world: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Israel and Korea.

Art Quilt Harbour_Trees

Bara Bartosova
Bara Bartosova - Geisha - detail

Bara Bartosova - Geisha

Bara Bartosova_Rainbow chameleon

Bara Bartosova_Zaba Detail

Bara Bartosova_Zaba - probably meaning "frog"?
Brigitte Morgenroth - Blütenkranz

Brigitte Morgenroth_Gewitterhimmel

Brigitte Morgenroth_Goldfisch im Karpfenteich
Clarie Passmoore_Am I beautiful yet?

Inga Vasiljeva_Indigo and orange
Detail Indigo and Orange
Hilde van Schaardenburg

Hilde van Schaardenburg
Jana Sterbova - Mrize (Bars)

Jana Sterbova_Mrize detail
Jana Dohnalova_Coral
Jaroslava Grycova_Jarni zelen na Nelepci
Jaroslava Grycova_Jarni zelen na Nelepci - detail

Jaroslava Grycova_Jarni zelen na Nelepci - detail
Maren Wroblenski_Freedom Face
Soshi Riemer_City View_Shadow People

Bella Kaplan_Autumn Colors

Bella Kaplan_Falling leaves

Soshi Rimer_Autumn day in Tel Aviv

 And of course, many beautiful modernized traditional quilts:

Monika Chizevova_Kolejova_Garden of Dreams detail
Monika Chizevova_Kolejova_Garden of Dream
Malgorzala Rehmann_Mod Strawberries
Anna Kralikova_Tulips

Traditionelle Quilts modernized

Machova_Kolejova_Dear Jane

We also visited Jana Jandejsková, our favourite quilter from Bellus-Gallery in Prague-Dubec. The always have their exhibition and many workshops at the same time as the PPM. The quilts: colorful, perfectly quilted and they certainly made us longing for more time to achieve such results.

That´s the view from the backside of the "Speicher" in Dubec, Prague - a lovely place to spend a creative day with fabrics and quilts.