Saturday, September 5, 2015

Long-arm quilted hexagons and "Where is Hugo"?

After making a huge hexagon quilt for a customer I had hundreds of scraps (mostly shirt fabrics) and thought "well, why not make another big one?" But for this one I took my time, almost 2 years. Whenever I was travelling I took a box full of hexies with me and during 2 winters I sewed them in the morning at home because with time it became so big (165 x 215 cm) that I could not sew on it anywhere else. 

But to hand-quilt it I did not have the time so I sent it together with the Autumn Leaves quilt to Jana in Prague the get them longarm-quilted. This week I got them back - see for yourself, I am very happy with them!

You´re probably wondering about the "Where is Hugo" in the post-title, well I have one hexagon in the quilt showing Hugo, can you find him?

I did not want the quilt very densely quilted so I am more than happy with the big flowers that Jana did. The dark grey fabric on the edge and the flower-surrounding hexies is shimmering slightly (which doesn´t show very good in the pictures) and I love that contrast to the cotton fabrics.

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