Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kunsthandwerksmarkt Leoben

Every day is filled with last minute works for the upcoming Kunsthandwerksmarkt in Leoben (craft fair).
For me it´s the first time to have a booth (white tent 3x3 metres) and to sell my crafts to the public. So I am pretty nervous about it as quilts and patchwork are not a very known craft here, really.
I know there are hundreds of talented quilters and textile artists and many small quilt guilds in Austria but when you ask people around you (like at your working place, people in public) there are not a lot that know this craft.
That´s why I am working on a few decorative things to explain quilts and patchwork, the cutting, sewing, quilting and fun about it.
But I am also really looking forward to this fair and to have fun at showing people my quilts and patchwork things.
Maybe I will see you there this Friday?

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