Sunday, January 25, 2015

Flapping pinwheels

A call from a friend that I only get to meet once or twice a year got me on my feet to make a baby quilt as the baby´s already due in February (I am soooo happy for her!!). At the time I got her call I also got the newsletter from Southern Fabrics, an online fabric store in the US. 

I do not order fabrics there but they have great tutorials, a very creative blog ( and a lot of fresh ideas and things that make your fingers itch (well, they do that to mine).

When I saw the pinwheel quilt I knew that I wanted to make this block, combine it with another one I saw in a book. I really love to hand quilt but I know that I must practise machine quilting (which is not easy with my small home sewing machine). And practise I did - see for yourself.

I only have to quilt four more blocks, add the binding, a blue-white striped fabric and wait for the babys´name and date of birth.

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