Saturday, January 3, 2015

New year, new projects

When we visited the exhibition of the Klagenfurt Quilt Group last December we also went to the fabric store "Happy Home" which isn´t really a store but a huge warehouse, full of fabrics of all kinds, battings, buttons and everything else needed for sewing. 

I love to roam around in that hall and it takes almost up to 2 hours until I get to the cashier with my cart full of fabric rolls (they cut them on the counter). Those fabrics are not the latest collections or from famous designers. Nevertheless I always go home with a huge bag full of fabrics for my next projects. The thing is, those fabrics cost a third of the normal price, warehouse selling. Especially for backings those fabrics are perfect for. And I bought some Christmas fabrics for "this" years christmas projects, already planned.

jeans fabrics for a quilt and for some bags

 christmas fabrics for quilts and small bags

 and fabrics for baby quilts, 2 are already in progress

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