Friday, January 16, 2015

PJ day and mystery quilt part 4

Jiipeehh, tomorrow is PJ day! Once a month I do a pyjama day, meaning I spend the whole day at home, in my pyjamas and don´t go outside at all. I do that when the weather forecast is exceptionally bad (tomorrow´s supposed be a stormy and snowy day here). 
Breakfast will be very, very long (2 coffees instead of one), croissant (instead of nothing) and magazines and newspapers. After that I will do some planned projects (sewing) or reading or whatever comes along. And everything at a very slow pace, no rush at all. My Mum will come for lunch so I will spend some time cooking (which I love to do, but don´t do often enough). In the afternoon again whatever comes the way (but nothing that I usually don´t like to do, only likeable things).

Tomorrow I´ll be sewing the triangles for our mystery quilt part 4. I already cut them this afternoon. After that I´ll start a new quilt, a pixel-quilt for Valentines day. And as I already did a pixel quilt (owl Lilly), I will try to upgrade this one with curved squares, as shown in the book by Angela Pingel, A Quilter´s Mixology. So I hope the curves will be as easy as they say in all those books and all the blogs, I´ll keep you posted anyway. 

By the way, I love this book - I seem to grow wings, whenever I look into it!!


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