Friday, August 18, 2017

The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham 2017 - Part One

Two days at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, two days to travel back and forth, tons of quilts in my head, loads of posivite feelings and millions of impressions - that´s what I´ve got from my visit to Birmingham. 

Again, I met the loveliest people like Margaret, Maureen and Evelyn, three ladies from the English Quilter´s Guild, staying at the same Bed&Breakfast and taking me to and fro the Exhibition each day. And I experienced some strange but positive encounters during those two days. Next year I will visit for all four days, that´s for sure.

As there were severeal categories for the quilts to be entered I thought it´s best to present them in those categories, too. Should you have a question to any of the pictures, please let me know - otherwise just google the names or artists if you would like to know more about them. 

Well, first of all, my favourite quilt from this Festival: Susan Chapman with "The Building of New York" - when I stepped into the aisles I looked at it and there it was, really, believe me: Love at first sight! 
And the Judge´s comment is totally my impression of this quilt, too: "I just love this interpretation of a well known photo. Touch of humour and characterization. Simplicity of Line. Hilary Gooding"

Of course, there were lots of winners and lots of single exhibitions that I was not able to cover - but you can look them up at the homepage of the Festival of Quilts, is worth the time.

Susan Chapman_The Building of New York

Susan Chapman_The Building of New York_Detail

Susan Chapman_The Building of New York_Detail

ART Quilts

Aran Illingworth_Black Tuesday

Charlotte Mankin_Sail Away

Freda Haylett_Singularity

Heidi Drahota_Protected Rooms

Helen Lynch_Fractured

Helen Lynch_Fractured_Detail

Herma de Ruiter_What remains is love

Kathy Unwin_Remembering_Detail

Kathy Unwin_Remerbering Times Past and Future

Lia Meiborg_Textile Graffity

Lia Meiborg_Textile Graffity_Detail

Linzi Upton_Shield Maiden

Lorene Horner_Fractalization

Maggie Farmer_Mistral


Alison Garrett_Women and Thoughts of 3

Alison Garrett_Women and Thoughts of 3_Detail

Alison Garrett_Women and Thoughts of 3_Detail

Bernadette Mayr_Shells of the Southsea

Carolina Asmussen_Botanical Garden

Linzi Upton_Beezlebub Detail

Linzi Upton_Beezlebub

Liz Heywood_Coastal Drift

Maria Spiller_Raindrops

GROUP Quilts

Cowslip Workshops_Dancing with Daisies

Cowslip Workshops_Dancing with Daisies_detail

Cowslip Workshops_Dancing with Daisies_detail

HMP Bullingdon Boys_Two Man Cell


Catriona Warburton_A Quest Story

Julia Shay_Hippary Japanese Field Jacket

Julia Shay_Hippary Japanese Field Jacket_back

Miesje Chafer_Dotty_back

Miesje Chafer_Dotty
Pam Morris_Nelly

I will post Part Two tomorrow and Part Three in two days - that gives you the chance to "digest" the quilts in bits...... See you soon!

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