Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham 2017 - Part Two

The first day at the Festival I spent going through the exhibition, at the end of that day my head felt like a huge bubble filled with quilt images. So glad that my camera did not feel that way and willingly kept all the pictures I took.

I posted the pictures of the following categories in Part One: Art Quilts, Contemporary  Quilts, Group Quilts and Quilt Creations. If you want to see them, go to Part One.

Miniature Quilts

Miniature Quilts

Jodie Tawn_Rainbow Milky Way

Jodie Tawn_Rainbow Milky Way_Detail

Philippa Naylor_Measure for Measure
Kumoko Frydl, a Japanese quilt artist had her own exhibition "Miniature Art, Grand Designs", showing lots of Miniature Quilts, all amazingly small, precise and delicate. Please be aware that these quilts start from 25 to 40 cm only - imagine all this quilting on such a small fabric surface!

Kumiko Frydl

Kumiko Frydl_detail

Kumiko Frydl_detail

Kumiko Frydl

Kumiko Frydl_detail

Kumiko Frydl_Pineapple

Kumiko Frydl
Modern Quilts

Abigail S. de Graaff_Wasabi on the Side

Cristina A. Bono_Getting On

Cristina A. Bono_Getting On_Detail

Dorothy Hill_La Passacaglia Goes Large

Hillary Goodwin_Rachel Dorr_The Egg

Hillary Goodwin_Rachel Dorr_The Egg_Detail

Hillary Goodwin_Rachel Dorr_The Egg_Detail
Immaculada M. Martinez_Home

Julie Bowler_Squares and Rectangles

Lisbet Borggreen_White January

Lou Orth_Fraction

Margaret Ager_Margaret´s Modern Hexies
Mary Turner_Modern Sampler

The Best of QuiltCon 2017 - Modern Quilt Guild

MQG_Carolyn Friedlander_Rin_Detail

MQG_Heather Black_Modern Stepping Stones

MQG_Katherine Jones_Bling

MQG_Katherine Jones_Bling_Detail

MQG_Kim Soper_Lincoln
Paige Alexander_Cursive
 And more amazing, modern quilts:

Rebecca Bell_Damn right Ive got the blues

Sally Longman_Charlies Chromatic

Sally Longman_Charlies Chromatic_Detail

Tatyana Duffie_The World is your Oyster

Trudi Wood_Don´t Box Me In

Trudi Wood_Don´t Box Me In_Detail 

Yvonne McKee_Chevrons in Silk
Two Person Quilts

Anne Marshall_Trudy Wood_Club Tropicana

Anne Marshall_Trudy Wood_Club Tropicana_Detail

Beverly Brawn_Maggie Breakspear_Kim McLean Flower Garden

Beverly Brawn_Maggie Breakspear_Kim McLean Flower Garden_Detail

Beverly Brawn_Maggie Breakspear_Kim McLean Flower Garden_Detail

Lisa Naylor_Trudy Wood_Space Dust

Lisa Naylor_Trudy Wood_Space Dust_Detail
Margaret Pratt_Brenda Wroe_For Jack

Margaret Pratt_Brenda Wroe_For Jack_Detail

Margaret Pratt_Brenda Wroe_For Jack_Detail

Natalie Taylor_Frances Meredith_Houston Fabric Highlight

Vivian Poon_Trudy Wood_Gravity
See you soon with Part Three, the rest of the pictures of the amazing quilts at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham 2017!!!

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