Monday, March 27, 2017

Practicing circles

The perfect practice for certain sewing techniques is trying patterns from QuiltCon quilts. One of my alltime-favourites is the "Echo" quilt by Leanne Chaley, a member of the Edmonton MQG. 
I got some red-white fabric to do a "Rep-Challenge" quilt and although I do not like red a lot, the combination with white and some of my dark-grey fabric upgraded my likes for it.

I got the pattern from the QuiltCon Magazine 2015. As my Rep quilt was supposed to be a lot smaller I thought, well, it can´t be a problem to do the circles smaller..... well, again some thinking mistake on my side. Of course it is not a problem, but a lot more difficult to sew and when one fabric is also a little bit "elastic", the result did not get as exact as it should have been. 

But: some of my quilting buddies tell me all the time that inaccurateness is normal during a learning-process and inaccurate pieces of blocks should not be thrown away or hidden, just because they are not as they should be. To be honest, it take some guts to show something you know is inaccurate. I really thought about not handing it in and use it on my kitchen table.... but I keep hearing my quilting buddies voices: mistakes are there to learn what to improve and where to get better. So next time I will make bigger circles with not so stretchy fabrics. 

I love straight line quilting that ends a little bit curved on the bottom part of the quilt. And I love it because my sewing machine doesn´t do free-motion quilting. But that´s ok. Maybe later with another sewing machine.


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