Friday, March 24, 2017

Austrian Quilting Day in Carinthia and exhibition in Friesach

The weekend after our Quilting Day in Styria we visited the Quilting Day in Carinthia, connected with the exhibition of the Carinthian Quilters. Of course, lots and lots of interested people were there, many quilters and friends were met and the Show and Tell pushed my motivation level back to "go and do/sew it".

The first two pictures are from Karin from the quilter group in Graz, the rest are from my camera. Unfortunately the Show and Tell pictures were all unusable because of my camera, I am very sorry for that because Annemarie with her group from Lienz showed some beautiful pieces (one of them my hexagon elephant!).

Some personal quilts, some beauftiful handy-quilted "Amish Quilts", adorable baby quilts turned the cloudy day into a very joyful day. 

Hanna Kogler´s "Autodecke"

Turn one quarter of a picture into a mini quilt

My next station will be the Patchwork-Meeting in Prague, see you there?!?

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