Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer, sewing and having fun

My sewing group is very active, not only sewing with me one afternoon every week but also doing a lot at home, like finishing the little "hexie-make-up-bags". 

Thanks to fabric and thread donations from Gisela, Barbara and now also Beate, we are able to have a lot of fun sewing fun things - having finished the little bags, I  handed out new sewing kits but I will not let out what it´s going to be!

And thanks to a very generous donation from someone who does not want to be named I was able to get all the batting and quilting thread to do 8 baby quilts which are going to be completed in the next few weeks - pictures will follow. Thank you!!



Malihe and Jamile - backside of the little bag

Safa and Raqa



new sewing kit in PINK

new sewing kit in grey

fabric donations from Gisela and Beate

sewing kit for an improv jeans bag - fabric donation from Barbara

I really love preparing those sewing kits and it´s really worth to invest the time when I see the women and girls opening them, anxious to start sewing!

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