Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sewing for a good cause

My life has definitely picked up some speed since I´m involved in two sewing cases for a good cause. One is sewing little yellow lavender sachets for a non-profit club called TIA, which a colleague of mine founded a couple of months ago. 

TIA stands for "Thanks in advance" and you can check on what it stands for. Sewing those bright yellow smiley bags is mega-fun because is also means meeting new people, all coming to do work for a good cause. 

Everyone is doing a task, one is cutting, one is ironing, me I´m sewing, another one stamps the TIA-logo onto the fabric, one does the filling (ohhhhh, the room smells wonderful with all the lavender), me I´m adding the strips and closing them with one seam. And then there are the TIA-people, distributing them and trying to collect money for this good cause. The costs for the sachets material is completely paid by the people involved in making the bags and will not be taken from the donations - those go 100% to the people in need. 

About the second sewing case I´ll tell you next week about when I have all the pictures of the finished mug-rugs and bags. 

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