Saturday, November 28, 2015

With Christmas approaching...

... the weekends are the busiest ever! But now I have to add the evenings during the week, too and almost every free minute to get all the things done that I´ve intended to. But even with all my good intentions that is SIMPLY JUST NOT possible. So I took an hour to make a list and see what is possible and what is not. What can be "outsourced"? 

This is what I´ve done the last 2 weeks:

A star is born! A baby quilt for little Jakob, arriving one month earlier than expected.

Also, I finished the top for the Christmas Tree QAL (by Sandra Hohenbrunner and Aylin Nilya). 

And: I finally started on the Michael Miller Glitz Fabric Challenge..... well, if I tell you that the deadline is Monday, 30th November what would you say? 

Late enough but until now I just did NOT know what to make. Then last week when I was thinking about making this years´Christmas Cards I knew what I want to create: a XXL-Christmas Card Quilt.

I was always making the Christmas Cards myself but as I mentioned earlier, this year I had to outsource something on my to do list and now it will be the Christmas Cards. 

A week ago I met a lovely woman at a Christmast Market, she´s from Vietnam, living in Austria, making and selling a lot of crafts. She also supports several organisations in Vietnam and this year it´s a Childrens´ Cancer organisation in Bep An Nhan Ai.  

So I will send out these terrific Pop-up Christmas Cards this year to all my friends and customers (below are just 2 examples from many cards that can be bought):


I think they are beautiful and modern and I hope that my Michael Miller Challenge Quilt will turn out like that, too.

In the meantime I wish you all a wonderful and stressles "pre-christmas" time, attending Christmas Markets and meeting nice and creative people!


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