Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas market in Schrems

Last weekend we had a small wooden hut to sell our staff at the Christmas market in Schrems - the whole market had about 14 stalls and all of them sold very special and exquisite things: soaps, christmas decoration, christmas cribs, rusted iron sheet decorations, jewelery, beanies and hats etc. etc.
Again I experienced that many people do not know quilts and those who do often said "ohhh, I made one of those, too, a long time ago," or "but have never finished it". And again we got so many compliments for our works.
But the weather was definitely too warm (only in the afternoon and in the evening it got as cold as it should be at this time of year). So many people mentioned that they did not feel in a Christmas mood or spirit at all. Never mind, we spent 2 lovely days in Schrems and got to know some more very nice people, doing all kinds of handicrafts.

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