Sunday, March 29, 2015

With Easter approaching....

...the bunny gets very busy! I´ve been busy as well, visiting the Styrian Quilting Day, the Quilt exhibition in Litzelstetten (Germany) and making little Easter treats for my customers. Can you guess what it is?

I´ve done a workshop with my quilt guild about how to make boxes with stamped fabrics. I´ve made this box and now I´m keeping ribbons in it. I´ve always wondered why so many of my quilt friends were buying ribbons all the time. Now that I was in need of ribbons myself and only had a few, I certainly understood why: you can never have enough ribbons of all kinds of colors and patterns....

I took some scrap fabrics from fabric swatches and wanted to perk them up a little bit with the ribbons that I had (some were bought, some were left-overs from presents that I kept, thinking that I would surely need them one day). 

 It´s obvious by now what they´re going to be, right ?

For the inside I took a patch of fabric that I got from one of my friends. Although the color is just the opposite of the outside, I thought this orange fabric will keep the eggs cozy with is bright and warm shine.

I finished the egg cozys pretty quick but somehow something kept missing..... so I went through my haberdashery (also left overs from all kinds of purchases or from friends that didn´t have any use for it anymore) and found the buttons! 

Taa daahh, now the easter bunny can come and get them and put them into my customers easter nests!

But before he comes to get them I will add little cardboard-tags with my label on the backside....
... and I also labeled the back of the egg cozys!

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