Friday, March 6, 2015

QuiltCon 2015 in Austin

Yeeaahhhh and jiippeeehhhh, I still could shout out loud like that every day thinking about the 4 days at QuiltCon in Austin!! It really was like that, believe me. All the people that I´ve met were just unbelievably nice, amazing, creative, supportive and a pleasure to get know and talk to. During those days I experienced so many moments of fun and joy to last a very long, long time. 

Whether the helpers (in blue T-shirts) at QuiltCon or the women doing the workshops and lectures, they all communicated their topics in such a positive, catching and fantastic way that there is only one thing to say about it: I´m loving it !!

Enjoy the pictures, I will post small reports about each workshop or lecture that I attended during the next few days.

Should you wish to see even more pictures, go the the blog site from the Modern Quilt Guild, it´s worth taking the time, scrolling down and see what it´s been like!!

Go see the winners in the different categories but also all the other quilts, each and every one something special.

Austin downton
A wonderful shop full of yarn, wool and knitting staff!

A shop called "Uncommong Things" - fantastic !

The QuiltCon agenda - everything a quilters´ heart desires!

Registration on Wednesday evening - the staff in blue T-shirts were just great!

The QuiltCon goody-bag - so many useful things, what a pleasure to go through the bag!

Workshop with Penny Layman - papier-piecing, a sewing organizer!

Quilts from the show - sorry if I did not note down the quilters names and titles, should you wish to know who made a quilt, please let me know, I´ll check it out for you!!

Maura Ambrose and her husband - lecture about "natural dyeing" - such an interesting and catching lecture. It made you wish you´d live on a small farm like her!

The charity Quilts of the several MQG groups from all over the US - fantastic quilts!

The demonstrations were super, you got everything from A-Z in the quilting and sewing world shown and explained!

Carolyn Friedlander´s color palette

more quilts....

Jen Kingwell - handpiecing - unbelievable !

Elizabeth Hartmann - everyone loves her patterns!

Windham Fabrics - isn´t that a super idea to present your blocks?!?

"Seams unlikely" lecture with Nacy Zieman - an example of the "American Dream come true", but only by hard, enduring work and a lot of support from family and friends !

Yoshiko Jinzenji - the lecture seemed strange with this small, white-haired woman, but what a bubbly and lively person she turned out to be when the lecture was "finish" and she explained her quilts and dyeing processes.....

more charity quilts...

Penny Layman´s workshop paper-piecing for a sewing organzier

Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company - everyone knows and loves her from her youtube-videos. But you know what: she is the nicest and kindest woman, not only in her tutoring videos but also in reality!

This is my finished sewing organizer - from the workshop with Penny Layman and her book "The Papier-Pieced Home" - go get it, the papier-piecing patterns are just the most fun you can get at sewing - my cushions with the furniture patterns are already in the planning process.....

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