Sunday, October 8, 2017

September is gone....

.... here´s a review of what I´ve accomplished in September. After the Festival of Quilts I knew that I have tons of sewing work to do at home:

Making some jeans-tin cans for the birthdays in our Quiltgruppe Graz:

Then I had to sew the "Zeitlos Schön" quilt for the Quiltirol exhibition, the deadline coming closer and closer. For that quilt I bought the paint and quilting thread in Birmingham as well as the jeans fabric. I wanted it to be something completely from Birmingham only. The title "Jeans-Gingko-Rain" means that all three of those are of timeless beauty to me, even if they are daily matter of facts.

6 mini quilts for "Zeitlos Schön"

Christine Hailand "Farben und Formen"
Gertrud Gatterer

And there it was, at the Ursulinensäle in Innsbruck together with all the other "Zeitlos Schön" quilts from Quiltirol members - definitely worth the visit - they are now all hanging at Quilt et Textilkunst in Munich!

In between I was sewing on the Sew Together Bags:

So the only work to do on those bags is sew on the binding....... but it looks like this has to wait a little longer.....

The perfect End of Summer celebration was with Quiltgruppe Graz at Karins´ home in Wildon, South Styria: six members presented their Round Robin Quilts, fantastic in color, design and execution: needlework in perfection!

Then came the Gildefest in Götzis, Vorarlberg - beautiful quilts, big and small, monochromatic and colorful, traditional and modern. All categories had their agents.

Erika Lenhart_Big Betlehem Star

Erika Lenhart_Big Betlehem Star_detail

Erika Lenhart_Big Betlehem Star_detail quilting

Erika Lenhart_Big Betlehem Star_detail backside
Georgina Buschauer_Challenge 3

Georgina Buschauer_Challenge 3_detail quilting

Georgina Buschauer_Challenge 3_detail

Andrea Haider_Irrgarten

Hermine Berger_Waldviertel

Maria Egender_Schloss Fantastica

Monika Jost_Maskerade

Helen Heaney_The one that got away

Traude Rübsamen_Blumenvielfalt
Marianne Fink_Traumquilt
Marianne Fink_Traumquilt_detail

Now I continue working on: 

Sew Modern Europe Charity Quilt for the MQG (unfortunately having chosen the wrong fabrics for the first few blocks) 

Block for the quilt back

and the Michael Miller Challenge Quilt "Our Yard" (pattern from "Whole Circle Studio" by Sherri).

What else? Well, I let you know next weekend! 


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