Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The "improv jeans bag"

My sewing group started a baby-quilt with hexagons and stars applications. But the four teenage girls in our group and one woman did not want to make a baby-quilt so I started a jeans bag with them. But you know: when I started to cut up jeans and sewed them into a big rectangular patch, I did not know how this jeans bag will look like or how it´s supposed to turn out. 

I gave the girls the big jeans patches, some hexagon and diamond papers, some fabric and told them to arrange them on the patch as they wanted to. They were puzzled at first, not knowing what to do with that big patch and some fabric hexagons and diamonds (also doubting very much that this patch can be turned into a bag).

I arranged a few pieces and told them that they could add whatever they wanted. Only to leave out the area marked with red thread, because that´s going to be the bottom (that much I knew or had planned). When they came back yesterday with the big patch I was so surprised and amazed - the took some sequins and ribbon, a flower out of fabric and sewed them onto the jeans patch.

We put a lining fabric beneath the jeans patch and they will now quilt it - again I asked them to do as they wanted - after another puzzlement I sketched some quilt lines on paper, not sure, if they really understood. The problem now was that we could not pre-sketch the lines on the jeans patch. Not even white chalk would go on it (jeans is not an easy fabric to deal with, believe me). 

One of the girls immediately took a blue pen and drew zig zag lines on the jeans patch. I told her that those lines would not wash out. But the answer to that: well, then I sew the complete drawn lines (not quilt, but backstitch the whole line)........ that´s also improvising, isn´t it?


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