Thursday, December 10, 2015

Advent, Advent, ein Packerl kommt

In Europe we celebrate the four Sundays before Christmas as Advent. I LOVE Advent time with all the preparations, markets, candles, cookies(!) and the presents we get up front from people around us (office, stores etc.).

Yesterday I got my first (surprise!) present from one of our guild members as a thank you for the newsletter I´ve been sending (and will start sending again by mid December). Three beautiful GREY fabrics (already know which quilt they will go in) and many natural, handmade and deliciously smelling soaps. I was so very delighted and happy to get something out of the blue. Thank you soo much for it Gisela, you made my Advent!!

I´m again sewing jeans pillows with fir trees for a customer order. It is a relaxing and quite mediative work, to appliqué fabrics with ziggzagg stitches on jeans fabric.

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