Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Christmas Tree block 1 + 2

Of course, I should have done a sample first, see how my HST work. I did not do that. And my sewing my sewing machine didn´t want to sew well (which means I have to take her for a check up).
For all my meticulous preparation (ordered a new ruler, put everything else aside, ironed the fabrics really well) I did not consider making a sample.
So those 2 blocks are now rather samples because only after sewing them I got the hang of HSTs for the next ones to come. And of course I made a mistake in block 2 with cutting the fabrics, can you see it?
Preparations here and there, learning by doing is the most important thing to consider!
Block 2 + 3 will benefit from my mistakes in block 1 + 2, so will all the others, too.


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