Saturday, July 18, 2015

Another lazy summer day.....

.... no way!! 

Not after having watched Jennys´ tutorial for cathedral windows (Missouri Quilt Star Company)! Jennys´ videos certainly fire me up to try the pattern at once even if 3 other quilts are waiting to be worked on.... what´s another UFO when all is so much fun? And as I swam laps for an hour this morning, sewing the whole day should be justified, no?

Well, sewing is not just sitting at the machine endlessly, I´ve been getting up and down from the chair a hundred times today, cutting the blocks was pure arm muscle exercise and ironing, haah, I certainly sweat off my ice-cream today at the iron board!

Go and check out Jenny´s tutorial, it´s worth watching, believe me. The blocks are really easy to make, you can choose your own size for the squares. The only thing that I advise: cut the inner square (the one you put on top to pull the fabric around) a little big bigger, otherwise they won´t fill out the corners when pulling in the fabric around.

I can´t wait to finish the top as I already have the quilting pattern in my head! Which means another lazy sunday tomorrow......

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