Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last minute thank you gifts for Christmas

All my christmas presents are already on its way, christmas cards have been written and posted, almost all is done..... but sometimes there is a last minute thank you gift that I want to give to someone who has unexpectedly been very helpful and supportive. And instead of making just one I always make a couple, in case......

For that I took the day off to make these small give-aways, made myself comfortable with coffee and good music. This year it´s the "Lost on the River, The New Basement Tapes" that I chose for Christmas Music. I am not very fond of the typical christmas music, so every year I select and buy a CD that I am listening to during the weeks until Christmas and after (and should I not find one that I like, I take one or two from the previous years)!

And I love to create something out of jeans-scraps, left-over hexagons and left-over zippers (that a friend of mine didn´t need anymore)!


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